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Protect yourself from high costs and part obsolescence with economical, long-life embedded control products and services from Bagotronix. We offer single board computers in PC/104 and proprietary form factors, and design services for semi-custom and full-custom PC/104, ISA, and proprietary form factors.


DOS Stamp™ Single Board Computer
   TINY SIZE with I/O, BIOS, DOS, and flash disks

DSCOM - DOS Stamp™ Serial Communication Accessory Board 
   Add more serial ports to your DOS Stamp™ system

Price List


Custom Design Services
   1)  Long production life
   2)  Custom form factors
   3)  Cost minimization through high integration

Technical Resources

Technical FAQ
   Answers to the most frequently asked technical support questions

Technical reference manuals for Bagotronix products

Application Notes
Examples, tips, and advice on embedded controls using Bagotronix products

File Area
   Example source files, bug fixes, utilities, etc.

Other Resources
   Various information contributed by Bagotronix staff and others.
   Unsupported but possibly useful.

Customer Success Stories
Here are some links to various companies and individuals who use Bagotronix products or services in their designs, and want the world to know it.  Are you a Bagotronix customer and want to be listed here?  If so, send an e-mail to with a link to your website. 
Bengtson Company Bengtson Company makes PC-based golf swing analyzers and golf simulators.  They use the DOS Stamp™ in their Data Collection Module.
SHOCK Home Automation System Doug Sisco's answer to home automation needs.  SHOCK is based on the DOS Stamp™ and Dallas 1-wire devices.  You can access it live on the Internet!

Embedded Systems (and Related Topics) Links
PowerBASIC DOS BASIC compiler recommended for use with the Chickadee XL and DOS Stamp™
Borland DOS C/C++ compiler recommended for use with the Chickadee, Chickadee XL, and DOS Stamp™
Decade Engineering Low-cost OSD (On-Screen Display) modules and other video function blocks for use by system designers. OSDs often serve as character overlay generators for data display in remote video inspection systems and remotely piloted vehicles (UAV, ROV, RPV) or robots. They can also be used as industrial video titlers or TV-based electronic signs.
Index Designs Battery management devices for embedded applications
PC/104 Consortium

Circuit Cellar INK

Additional resources for embedded computing

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