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DSCOM - DOS Stamp™ Serial Communication Accessory Board

  1. 16C550 UART with 16-byte transmit and receive FIFOs.  Supports standard baud rates from 50 to 115,200 baud  (128-byte FIFOs and higher baud rates with 16C850 option) return to photo
  2. Connects to DOS Stamp™ SBI bus return to photo
  3. Jumper selection of I/O address (1 of 8 regions), chip select line (-PCS0 or -PCS1), interrupt line (INT0 or INT1), and SBI bus termination.  Jumper selection of RS-485 bus termination (100 ohm, capacitor-coupled AC termination for low power consumption) return to photo
  4. Socketed RS-232 and RS-485 chips for easy field configuration and replacement return to photo
  5. Dual 5x2 header sites for RS-232 and RS-485/TTL connections using standard IDC 5x2-to-DB9M ribbon cable return to photo

DSCOM Specifications return to top
Power requirements: +5 V at less than 10 mA for RS-232 and TTL operation.  RS-485 may require more current depending on number of nodes on RS-485 bus:
PC board: 4-layer FR-4 with VCC and GND planes for low RFI and good EMC.
Dimensions: 2.600 x 2.000 x 0.625 in., same size as the DOS Stamp™.
Environmental: -10 to +70° C, wider ranges available.  No heatsinks or derating required.

DSCOM Compatibility return to top
The DSCOM is 100% register-compatible with the 8250, 16450, and 16550 UART used on PCs.  The I/O addresses are different from standard PC I/O addresses.  The DOS Stamp™ interrupt controller is not software compatible with the 8259 used in the PC.  This means the DSCOM will not work with PC serial port programs without modifications.  If you have the source code for a favorite serial communications program or library, it is easily modified to work on with the DSCOM.  Example programs are included with the DSCOM.  Call our engineering department to discuss your concerns or direct an e-mail to

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