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This page contains various personal contributions from Bagotronix staff and others.  None of the content of this page is a product or service of Bagotronix.   There is no technical support of products or services relating to this content.   This content is provided for casual and hobbyist use only.  Use at your own risk.  All rights reserved for the contributors of the articles.

Adding Auxiliary Inputs to a Car Stereo Head Unit
This article describes how I added auxiliary inputs to an Alpine 7164 AM/FM/cassette head unit.  Contributed by Ivan Baggett 10/07/03.
alpine_7164_mod.pdf, 2748 KB
Polarity Converter for Car & Truck Dashboard Illumination
This article describes how to build a simple circuit that converts the polarity of common-positive car and truck dashboard illumination systems to common-ground illumination used by aftermarket gauges.  Contributed by Ivan Baggett 10/30/02.
polarity_converter.pdf, 21 KB
How to Install a Car Stereo into a Nissan 240SX
This article describes how to install a car stereo into a 1991 - 1993 Nissan 240SX.  May also be useful for other Nissan and Infinity models.  Contributed by Ivan Baggett 06/16/00, updated 05/10/2004..
nissan_240sx_stereo.pdf, 12 KB
How to Replace Your Tandy 1100FD Floppy Disk Drive
This article describes how to make a conversion cable to replace the proprietary floppy disk drive in your Tandy 1100FD laptop computer with a standard floppy disk drive.   Knowledge of electronics and soldering is required.  Contributed by Ivan Baggett 12/13/98.
1100FD_drive.pdf, 9 KB
Car Radio Backup Power Source
This article describes how to make a backup power source for your car radio.  If you are tired of having to reprogram the station presets and clock every time your car is serviced, or the battery is disconnected or run down, this article is for you.   Contributed by Ivan Baggett 05/18/99, updated 05/10/2004.
radiopwr.pdf, 401 KB
Car Battery Charge Maintenance
If you have a classic car you don't drive often, you need to maintain the battery with a trickle charge.  Most commercial battery chargers (even the "trickle chargers") overcharge the battery.  This article describes how to easily reduce the current from a battery charger to an amount which will maintain the battery charge without overcharging.  ALSO GREAT FOR KEEPING GENERATOR BATTERIES READY.  Contributed by Ivan Baggett 05/18/99.
battchg.pdf, 19 KB

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