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Chickadee PC/104 SBC Feature Locator return to top
Chickadee PC/104 Photo
  1. Up to 512K ROM or 256K 5V-only flash EEPROM return to photo
  2. Up to 512K SRAM return to photo
  3. 16 logic level digital I/O, 2 CPU counter inputs, 1 CPU timer output, 50 pin IDC header connects to industry standard I/O module mounting boards return to photo
  4. RS-232 port with TX, RX, RTS, CTS return to photo
  5. Serial port TX, RX status LED indicators return to photo
  6. Galvanic isolation for second serial port eliminates ground potential problems and helps prevent equipment damage return to photo
  7. Second serial port may be configured as RS-232 port with TX, RX, RTS, CTS, or RS-485 return to photo
  8. Voltage monitor ensures valid conditions for CPU operation. Auxiliary DC voltage input for monitoring system power return to photo
  9. Voltage regulator, input 7-26 VDC with transient protection, output 5V at up to 1A return to photo
  10. Reset pushbutton with LED indicator return to photo
  11. 7 relay driver outputs, 6 or 8 optional optically isolated AC/DC inputs return to photo
  12. AC/DC input status LED indicators return to photo
  13. Relay driver output status LED indicators return to photo
  14. LCD port with software adjustable contrast. Keyboard port for matrix keypads up to 4 x 4 return to photo
  15. Year 2000 ready real time clock with 0.5K SRAM, timed powerup, and on board lithium battery return to photo
  16. 0.5K EEPROM return to photo
  17. Dual 16C540-type UART with baud rates to 115,200. Optional dual 16C550-type UART return to photo
  18. 8-channel 12-bit ADC with 0-5V ratiometric or 0-4.095V absolute inputs. ADC is successive approximation type with internal S/H and reference return to photo
  19. 80C188 CPU (8 MHz, 2 DMA channels, 3 power save modes, 3 timer/counters, 8086 instruction set with enhancements return to photo
  20. 8-bit PC/104 bus (PC/104 model only). PC style DMA not supported return to photo
  21. PC Board is 4-layer FR-4 with VCC and GND planes for low RFI and good EMC. Overall dimensions 6.50 x 3.55 x 0.75 inches return to photo

Chickadee PC/104 SBC Specifications return to top
chk-s-r.jpg (1627 bytes) 50-pin IDC header: 19 I/O (16 82C55 I/O, 2 counters, 1 timer ) direct connection to I/O module boards, RS-232 port with TX, RX, RTS, CTS
chk-s-r.jpg (1627 bytes) 7 relay driver outputs: relay and solenoid coils to 500 mA, 50 VDC
chk-s-r.jpg (1627 bytes) 6 or 8 optically isolated AC/DC inputs: 3-40 V input, other voltage ranges available. Arranged in 2 groups of 4 inputs, each group with its own common
chk-s-r.jpg (1627 bytes) ADC: 12-bit, 8 channels 0-4.095V absolute or 0-5V ratiometric. Internal S/H and reference
chk-s-r.jpg (1627 bytes) LCD port: interfaces with character LCD modules up to 4 x 40. Software adjustable contrast voltage
chk-s-r.jpg (1627 bytes) Keypad port: for matrix keypads up to 4 x 4. Direct connection to Storm (TM) series keypads
chk-s-r.jpg (1627 bytes) Status indicators: 19 LED (2 TX, 2 RX, 7 for relay driver outputs, 8 for AC/DC inputs)
chk-s-r.jpg (1627 bytes) UART: 16C450 x 2 (16C550 x 2 optional)
chk-s-r.jpg (1627 bytes) Second serial port: RS-232 or RS-485 half-duplex. RS-485 has surge protection and jumper-selectable impedance termination
chk-s-r.jpg (1627 bytes) Galvanic isolation: 750 V. Protects second serial port from ground potential problems
chk-s-r.jpg (1627 bytes) Real-time clock: 32-bit time count (Year 2000 ready), 0.5K non-volatile storage. Timed powerup can be used to power up your system with zero standby power
chk-s-r.jpg (1627 bytes) 0.5K EEPROM: serial memory; can be used to store configuration data, calibration constants, etc.
chk-s-r.jpg (1627 bytes) CPU: 80C188 8 MHz, higher speeds available
chk-s-r.jpg (1627 bytes) RAM: up to 512K SRAM. 32-pin DIP. SRAM data may be retained via off-board battery
chk-s-r.jpg (1627 bytes) ROM: up to 512K EPROM or 256K 5V-only flash. 32-pin DIP
chk-s-r.jpg (1627 bytes) PC/104 bus: 8-bit J1/P1 connector. PC-style DMA not supported
chk-s-r.jpg (1627 bytes) Power requirements: 5 V at 70 mA (standalone, 8 Mhz), 34 mA (standalone, 0.5 MHz power save mode), add 70 mA for PC/104 option and 70 mA for galvanic isolation option
chk-s-r.jpg (1627 bytes) Power requirements (voltage regulator option): 7-26 VDC with reverse polarity protection and surge protection
chk-s-r.jpg (1627 bytes) Printed circuit board: 4-layer (2 signal, 1 power, 1 ground) FR-4
chk-s-r.jpg (1627 bytes) Dimensions: 6.50 x 3.55 x 0.75 in.
chk-s-r.jpg (1627 bytes) Environmental: 0-70 C, wider ranges available

Chickadee PC/104 SBC Compatibility return to top
The Chickadee (TM) is 100% instruction set compatible with the 8086, with extensions for enhanced performance. However, the 80C188 interrupt, timer, and DMA peripherals are not software compatible with the 8259, 8253, and 8237 used in the PC. This means the Chickadee will not work with PC/104 modules that have BIOS extensions which use these peripherals. In the case of ADC, DAC, digital I/O, serial communications, solid state disks, and display adapter modules, this does not present a problem. Disk drive and networking modules require special consideration. Call our engineering department to discuss your needs or direct an e-mail to

Chickadee PC/104 SBC Software Development return to top
Developing your embedded application software is as easy as programming a PC. With the Chickadee XL, you can use any compiled language which produces a stand-alone .EXE.   The XL BIOS provides a language-neutral software interface for low-level I/O.
The Chickadee is supplied with the Sunflower C (TM) software library, which contains many functions to operate the I/O hardware and speed your application development.

Chickadee Frequently Asked Questions

Chickadee (TM) and Sunflower C (TM) are trademarks of Bagotronix
PC/104 and the PC/104 logo are trademarks of the PC/104 Consortium
Storm (TM) is a trademark of Keymat Technology Ltd.

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